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Liquid Roots Records

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If you are looking for a quality professional recording service that works with any budget, look no further. Welcome to the Liquid Roots HQ. Feel free to email us at Liquidrootsrecords@gmail.com for any questions about pricing, services and more. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest content, or check out our work down below!

About us


About Us

Liquid Roots Records offers music recording, mixing and mastering as well as full bands and solo sessions. We achieve professional results in any style of music with adaptive techniques to make your vision come to life. At Liquid Roots we have access to top of the line equipment as well as a dedicated audio team to give you the best product possible. With flexible scheduling and competitive prices for the highest quality, Liquid Roots is your final stop for all your audio needs.








Projects Done

Audio Services

Audio Services

For Musicians and Artists


Quick set up, good signal chain, great results. we get the work done for you. A full band or a solo artist we want you!


Detailed sound and vocal editing make your tracks stand out, and thats what we do.


Great tonal balance and stereo control is what we do. We carve out your bass, keys, vocals and guitar for whatever vibe you want. Clean mixes and powerful results.


Crisp, clean, and ready to stream. We get your tracks to ready to play on itunes, spotify, apple music and anything else with industry standard sound requirements.

Short films, videos, podcasts

We edit so sound for anything you need. Sound effects? Got it. Sound tracks? You bet. Aliens fighting or a dark orchestra? yes we can!

Artist assistance

IF you need advice on what to do as an artist or how to grow we can schedule virtual meetings to talk about strategies to release music, build a portolio, release a song properly and other things. Message us!



Check out all the different work we have done here. On this page you can find our artists, client music and Liquid Roots designs/photos.

Painful Messages Boca
Painful Messages
Boca Ft. Paisley
Cactus Bird
Shake and Fries
Blue Faces
Boca Ft. Paisley
Dewey Surya Crow
Surya Crow
Bad Week Brendan Brown
Bad Week
Brendan Brown
Sinfull Cinderella
John colby
Burning Brighter
Burning Brighter Demo
Vision Arcade
1000 Miles


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Get In Touch

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This is the contact form for Liquid Roots, please get in touch with us at this phone number or email for any studio booking questions or live sound work.

Location : Austin, Texas

Phone : +1 512-820-1678

Mail : liquidrootsrecords@gmail.com

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